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  1. Mr.Covey succeeded in benkairg me. I was broken in body ,soul and spirit ..I have already suggested that the first six months of my stay at Mr.Covey were much worse than the last six .The events that led to the change in Mr.covey attitude toward me from a turning point in my humble history. You have seen how a man was made a slave ;you shall see how a slave was made a man. I chose this quote because it describes slavery and the attitude of the slave owners. its represents the irony and foreshadowing and tone.

  2. Care:Yes, I’m terribly current, aren’t I?9.9;;Anyhow. I was wondering about your thoughts on the DK Publishing materials versus the Very Recommended (in the book, anyhow) Story of the World. Yes, I’m also going right out to investigate myself, but I figure if I know and trust your opinions, I’d like to ask them. Particularly if there’s even a slight chance you’ve seen both sets of materials, and can give a reasonable opinion…. and leave me not having to buy both to sort out what opinions I can trust. o.o;;;

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